Warning on buying neoprene Face masks online

Activated carbon filter neoprene masks Do you not work:

Even with five-layer filtering , i activated carbon layers .

They day  May block 99% is fake news.. exhaust gas, dust, chemicals, pollen smoke and other non-oil-based particles, allowing you to breathe healthily.but they will not can not protect yo completely from aerosol, viral or bacterial droplets in the air.

First of all these masks are bulky, hard to wash and basically touching them all day with potential contamination of viral issues on your hands and other areas. These neoprene  Mask  give you a false sense of security. As they are hard to adjust.

On the other hand surgical facemask and our N95. Have our exclusive nonmetal bendable knows bars to completely block airflow from the sides. Giving you a custom fit for all day long Easy Breathing airflow. While providing at least 98% add .02 µm. No one Who sells neoprene Can claim this.

Indoors and in summer months they’re extremely uncomfortable, hot and may cause irritation. Neoprene is not hypoallergenic.
For best Protection is the use of disposable face mask complying with FDA and/or CE testing.

99% of these neoprene mask being sold online do not have any compliance testing or CE certificates meaning they have no value for medical grade protection.

All our made are made for civilians at medical grade compliance .. Elderly and people with allergies, low immune system will appreciate our products we represent on online.
Thank you for supporting MALKA med supply.
Buyer beware.