Buffets Reaturents are closing at a speeds never before Seen

May I say more, restaurants specializing in buffets are closing at a speed never before seen.

Hometown buffet, Shakey’s pizza, El Torito, Sizzler, and sadly Souplantation who just announced closure of all its restaurants stating facing the challenges of social distancing along with sharing of large amounts of food in confined areas is practically impossible to comply.

That’s the closing of hundreds of restaurants and will mean at least an additional 4400 employees.

The FDA has previously recommended including discontinuing self-service stations especially those counters that serve self-service beverages in fast food. But they also talked about buffets in general. That would include several bars and other places where social distancing would be a huge challenge. That’s why it’s difficult to reopen and perhaps hard to deal with day-to-day changes in policies in dealing with the health department along with that.

To put in place new business models along with not having a real concrete plan for a foreseeable future. Food service industry is a costly endeavor. People knowingly do not want to take on the unknown and the severity of how this virus is going to inflict on the population for years or months to come.

The country and California has struggled during this pandemic.

Many established eateries have closed dining areas, their primary financial bread winner.

To focus on delivery and pickup by the curbside looks like these temporary strategy to go on indefinitely is not sustainable for many restaurants. Especially those where their profit center was the buffet area. The all-you-can-eat concept is a difficult concept to change given the restrictions and challenges ahead in the restaurant industry.

The days of selecting on your own in house baked goods, appetizing salad bars and selections of homemade soups for you to serve yourself maybe a thing of the past.

When fears started to reach its peak around February March those in this restaurant segment has fears of filing for bankruptcy protection. Prior to the virus projections were looking good in that segment but that has just dissolved in the past few months.

Although a generous protection program paycheck from the federal government look good. Many in the foreseeable future don’t see a pathway to profit and success.

It’s ironic that in more than four decades of a constant and loyal clientele for soup plantation many of those loving their inexpensive meals and a great dining destination for young adults and those with limited disposable incomes.

I guess we can say it’s not a very happy day for those that love buffets such as I. The eyes were always bigger than the stomach when I was there. I will miss those days.

These days may be over. We still need to think about protecting ourselves and eventually there will be restaurants opening up with social distancing and you may need PPE’s to go into those establishments. Many are thinking about disposable menus, disposable utensils and reducing half the amount of seating available all this to comply with social distancing.

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