COVID-19 on Surfaces How long?

Surprisingly on certain surfaces that can last up to 72 hours on plastics and steel. Up to 4 hours on copper and surprisingly 24 hours on cardboard.

That is the study from the New England journal of medicine by the US government and academic studies.

It shows it can degrade quickly. Stated from a prominent virologist with the national Institute of allergy, who led this research.

The study also showed in small droplets or aerosol the virus can survive for at least three hours but it disintegrates over time. However these droplets are tiny enough to stay suspended in the air for half an hour to an hour and that depends on the floor and the conditions of the environment the more closed the environment the longer the aerosol stays and doesn’t have time disipitate quickly.

this is why it’s imperative to make sure that your home is clean where you can wipe down your door knobs and areas where you commonly touch. Hence strong disinfectants and wipes such Clorox wipes, alcohol, bleach can kill the virus.

Along with purchasing compliant PPE  from reliable medical supply companies geared for the civilian market such as

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Along with social distancing and having clean hygiene protocols this will keep you at bay from this deadly pathogen.

Stay Safe take care.

Alain M