It seems like health officials are learning more and more on this DEADLY pathogen.

The virus infects both upper and lower respiratory tract, it causes most of the time pneumonia and that was nearly 56,000 patients in China that had that, 87% had fever and approximately 67% had a dry cough, many with fatigue and shortness of breath due to lung issues.

Many also complained about sore throat, headaches, aches, repeated shaking with chills, diarrhea, nasal congestion and vomiting.

Also, one that stood out was losing the senses of taste and smell.

While some became only mildly ill. Or some didn’t even get sick at all but still were carrying the virus. And others developed severe symptoms of pneumonia with drastic lung issues. Eventually leading them into ICU.

The CDC states people with severe symptoms should seek medical treatment immediately and those stated above such as shortness of breath, pale and bluish lips.

What hat should you do?

First and foremost you should definitely call your doctor. If you’re in an area where you can get tested, you should go and make a plan to get tested as soon as you can in your local area.

If you feel you’re sick, you should isolate yourself from others and limit contacts along with your pets. Obviously when you have the urge of coughing, sneezing you should cover your mouth and nose with tissue.

Wearing a face mask and washing hands regularly is important especially if you have others at home.

Essentially by not getting infected your protecting those around you and anyone you know especially those with underlying disease such as heart disease, diabetes those are conditions that will increase the risk of that person getting severe illness.

In government; those in the public health sector are trying to find out how many people are infected. Main concern is those who may not get sick at all and show NO signs at all. They may need to isolate and contain the virus, because it’s effects are still not fully known. Hence, Novel virus such as Covid-19 can mutate possibly in several variances. Thus, may become even more aggressive as it works its way through the population invisibly.

About ongoing testing; there are tests out you can get from private clinics, pharmacies, your doctor/provider.

It varies from place to place, State to State. Hundreds of thousands have been tested in Asia with success.

Although in the United States the process is slower and politics interfere. We have Federal and State paradoxes on how to go about social and distancing. Tests are still being distributed by doctors and the CDC says they decide who the patient should be tested. Case-by-case.

If you get tested positive what if you should isolate? You will need to stay at your domicile, separate yourself from others at least 14 days which is what CDC recommends. Also, it’s advised you don’t stay or sleep in the same room with others.

The UK national health service has recommended those protocols. As well is staying in a well ventilated area, as windows being open creating a breeze. Using HEPA filter purifier unit in your home is Great option in cleaning the air in your Home and ventilating it. I recommend BLUAIR Purifiers.

Sharing of utensils such as towels and dishes is not recommended and should be washed thoroughly after its uses. If possible there should be 1 designated bathroom for the quarantined person and should disinfect bathroom after every use.

Washing hands before and after is essential.

It’s also recommended not to go out in public areas doing casual chores like grocery shopping, going to pharmacies is not recommended you should delegate someone to do that for you if possible. There are services depending on theory are you living that will gladly deliver to your home contact free.

With regard to Cure or vaccine are there some out there?

Currently no vaccines or drugs have been approved specifically for this dreaded virus. There are human testing on several viruses and treatments. However, testing of these vaccines will take at least a year or more. Progress is slow and they must test a wide vast of population to make sure that is a safe and that it will last in her body and our immune system will be upgraded to fight this virus.

Sometimes you ask how do I avoid catching covid- 19?

First and foremost, those at risk at the severe part of this disease path. Death will occur more to older people and those with heart health conditions such as chronic lung disease, cancers and diabetes. Most of those who died in China were 60 years of age and older or had other underlying end of illness is. Many patients who died admitted to hospitals had illnesses that were already advanced and had nothing to do with the virus.

An interesting study out of China found the mortality rate of over 15% in people age 80 and older while as those around the ages of 70 to 79 years old had a mortality rate of 8% and overall the mortality rate for the population was around 2.3%.

Children at risk?

Fortunately the infection has affected children minimally., But as the virus seems to change that statistic may also change. While China only a small population of children got really sick. The disease did not really affect younger our adults and teens. It seemed like the disease was mild in this age category.

Knowing what to do next is still a mystery for all, even those at the highest level in the medical profession.

We need to be patient, hopefully there will be a treatment and the vaccine in our future. But we cannot let our guards down, this virus is here to stay for a bit. We must be vigilant as we can catch Covid-19 if we don’t comply with the CDC and many other health institutions worldwide. We can not be complacent now. Or the we may get more people infected not less.

One thing for sure, we need to wash ours hands, 20 seconds, social distancing and wear a complaint mask especially for those who have underlying illnesses, asthma and those we love, the elderly population.

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