Loosening covered 19 restrictions

Certain governors, and several states are loosening covered 19 restrictions. Many states have come under fire especially from mainstream media. Such as a safety for Georgia and other states start working now without true science behind them.

The White House is recommended for opening a business they need to wait at least two weeks downward trend in the cycle of cases that are new with regard to covert 19.

Reviewing statistics from other countries such as Sweden where there’s a higher mortality rate prior to restrictions and in Denmark adopting the same premise with loose restriction. Seems to work, but with caution.

To rely on civilian population may have different results by State, City, Town. Avoid these calamitous events such as large gatherings that were not approved Like the Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana, Chineses New Year in San Fransisco and Spring break in Florida..

People in the field do not believe that ‘SUN HEAT’ effect in warmer States will lower the mortality rates.

Apparently all countries close to the creator know warmer months have extremely low mortality rates. The warmer spring and summer temperatures may mean fewer deaths throughout the continental United States and Canada. While Benelux region has been bent on seeing mortality curve rates measure lower. The white houses  strategy on phases 1 and 2 are still a look and see matter. If the mortality is decreasing.

While in Benelux areas younger children have remained in schools and restaurants. These modest Benelux measures have been effective in places such as Sweden.

They could possibly work here. As the Summer in the early Fall may not be an issue for many States. The model shows that it’s just a delay in the curve and it may go upwards.

The approach may need to be an national effort. The loosening of state to state may be the wrong way. But, USA could never be as authoritative as Chinese government, like Beijing controlling most of every province’s actions.

The United States will not work that way, will always use and listen to the advice of each individual States, the fair way. For that matter this is why there may be a delay in controlling the virus as debate and government politics hinder the progress with regard to human health.

We need to face this matter upfront and realize every step we loosen viruses when.

Stay safe