What about Mother’s Day and after..

Okay perhaps you had the opportunity to dine with mom and family members. Flowers, Chocolates, Perfume, Soap on a rope or no that’s for Father’s Day.

Gifted my mother flowers. Also bought mom some necessities due to today’s unfortunate situation.  N95 masks from Malka Medical Supply website.

Has a special 10% off if you ‘mentionmedicalgrandopening’ all in one word lower caps.

Take advantage now, never too late getting mom a gift because. She deserves a little attention. And If she’s over the age of 55 a compliant medical grade mask is a relevant gift to give today. Along with safety glasses such as the safety glasses online. Your Eyes and mouth will be protected from the elements such as aerosols and droplets.

How many times have I seen people that just can’t social distance. How many times you are in an elevator, can we be 6 feet apart? let alone if there’s two or three inside coming in. With substandard masks? who’s cleaning the buttons? The elevator buttons. I almost never seen that cleaned.

We hear certain surfaces Covid-19 virus can hang around from a couple of hours to a few days! What’s going on? You need to protect yourself now. We still do not know the full effects. The virus is mutating apparently we’ve heard it has changed from China to what has become mutated coming in from Europe. We need to be careful.

Mother’s Day is only one day but mother needs to try to stay safe for as long as possible. We want her to be a grandmother and great-grandmother we want her to be healthy and not get in the danger from this dreadful virus. Protect your MOM on Mother’s Day.

Although there is no 100% guarantee, PPP’s worn by nurses and doctors still get sick with the best of protective equipment. But let us not have our guards down we need this equipment and stay protected, protected from others too.

CDC recommends civilians to wear PPE. We should do so for the now, doing so will protect us from this pandemic and staying safe. We know in many places  Sring and Summer is coming and getting warmer. Wearing masks especially neoprene masks are uncomfortable and may cause allergic reaction due to the nature of this thick material made. Be careful with those.They were made for Scuba diving!

Sterile surgical’s facemask especially STERILE Surgical  4 plies masks,  is ideal for basically to go out anywhere and has hypoallergenic issues. Let’s not have our guards down. malkamedicalsupply.com has what you need to protect yourself.

Let’s go grocery shopping and more now!