California weather is calm warm…East Coast Open’s

While in California the weather is relatively calm warm and in certain areas scorching the hot. In the East Coast it’s another case and perhaps it’s not time for them to bring out their open toe sandals.

Apparently there’s a two storm system came this weekend.

Coupling with expected windchill factors. It’s lucky to be here back in Los Angeles. Hope it gets warmer in these coast people need to get out get some sunshine and a little bit of warmth in the heart.

while we are wishing for cooler summers in California and warmer in the schools like New York.

Meanwhile three New York State regions will finally begin to reopen from the coronavirus shutdowns. This is what the governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

Most of NY mandates will be through May 15. Some may extend as long as June 7.

Beginning with construction, manufacturing, wholesalers and retail business offering curbside pickup. They will be among the first ones to become open for business.

Hence, Cuomo cleared several kinds of businesses for this 1st phase and would include low risk recreational venues such as tennis courts, golf courses, driving movies and gardening.

There is concern on other businesses having greater potential in contacting the virus. They should only come back when testing and evaluations are a little bit more positive.

As the start of the openings begin at all levels the retail. They will be definitely encroachment on social distancing. As human beings we don’t have a measuring tape in our head saying 6 feet!

Therefore, it will always be important to search and seek for the best available PPE’s for protection in crowded areas. There will be crowded places.

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Have wonderful week !!