Covid-19 Deaths in California hit a ceiling & doesn’t want to go down!

It seems like the number of COVID- 19 deaths in the state of California has hit a ceiling that doesn’t want to go down in the number of cases has not become evident at being sustainable and declining. In seven days unfortunately an additional 503 people perished from the virus. It’s actually the second highest weekly death toll from this pandemic.

Actually last week the mortality didn’t change much as the death the week before was 495 souls lost.

And try to that it didn’t look so good either with at least 540 deaths that week.

As it stands, the death toll was more than 79,000 as of this Monday morning. What an incredible amount that has climbed steadily since the last three months. Being the number 1 death toll for a disease in California. It actually surpassed last year’s flu season killing 34,000 people 2018-19 prior to that it killed 61,000 people of the regular flu.

Although the public seems to be growing weary at the stay-at-home orders from our governors regulations. This may move us backwards, slow us down especially if we don’t respect the CDC’s policies. We will see an explosive increase when mobility accelerate and number of states increases; that will translate into  more cases and people going into the ICU. We should know and get a better idea within two weeks as we see mobility increase.

However there are NEW projected death tolls and increasing from 100,000 to 137,000 based on these new models.

Opening at a fast and dangerous pace can can bring a spike to all this. This could hurt the economy further and shatter public opinion in confidence. It seems like a majority of us wants to move slower than what the White House is requesting today.

Although California’s death toll is much lower the state of New York with well over 26,000 dead & 9000 more in New Jersey . It seems like Californians are not getting as infected and as quickly as States from the Eastern Coasts.

Many in the medical field have the same opinion; as long as this goes up it doesn’t end. It’s has to come down before we start seeing an end to this pandemic.

If we’re not careful we may be headed for potentially a very large up cycle in cases by this fall. And maybe pale by comparison with what we have now.

With the fear children can further spread the disease when they return to school in September. This may slow the opening of schools.

It seems like the theory out there goes when the economy opens up we will see more people die. Hence we need to be careful and keep on wearing complaint medical grade PPP for the civilian population. With a good N95 mask or surgical four ply mask you can assure yourself that you can be safe with the addition of safety glasses to protect aerosol reaching your eyes.

At you can find the best PPE’S available for Civilian and Medical field alike.

It seems were all in this together and if we respect the CDC’s policies and reduce encroachment, we will all do well. It will be slow but at least upward. Take Care!