Our Civilian Population wearing Wrong Face Masks for Shopping

To this day, all I can think of people wearing the wrong masks especially in close confined areas like grocery stores I frequently shop. Makes no sense where every single individual I see in a grocery store picking parsley next to carrots less than 6 inches away from me, wearing a T-shirt on their face.

Why would someone do that? I believe it’s a lack of education and that lack of education will make more people sick.  We see so many news on TV with our mayor and governor talking about face masks. There is still no consistency on how and what kind of material we should use as for A Face Mask. There is an oxymoron here where they SAY only medical institutions should wear medical grade masks on the public should wear masks that are not reliable washable and gives a false sense of security.

Why should REGULAR PEOPLE do that when options are there on the Internet such as with Malkamedicalsupply.com that sells online for All the USA and Canada. PPE’s will be a normal way of life and if we don’t choose and select the right product we may put ourselves in danger. Why do that when REAL choices are here now.

When I see elderly’s mixing with younger crowds in large and small grocery stores. They’re doing with themselves a diservice to themselves for the reason most of the elderly’s are not properly protected. Although we focus on wearing FACE masks when we are in confined areas where the aerosol/droplets travel within a 6 foot distance. That aerosol can actually reach into our eyes too. Safety glasses with a mask is the way to go in a grocery store especially if you’re over the age of 55 or has underlying illnesses. Our immune, asthma, or susceptible to dusty conditions.

One of the few places open and pleasures of life is actually grocery shopping. Given that stores have done an amazing job complying with social distancing. It is up to us to respect those parameters. If not, we jeopardize the whole situation and prolonged this horrible disease that is stalking young and old. Malka Medical Supply is the place to shop online for medical grade Civilian supplies for today’s lifestyle.

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