Face Masks/ Covers Mandatory in Los Angeles County

Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday asked the public requiring facemask for all outdoor activities.

So many of us are looking forward to returning to trails, hiking, beaches and just catching rays of sun and as the summer approaches more will enjoy the out doors. County and city officials say residents must wear face coverings when going outdoors.

That is anytime you’re around and about with people close proximity’s. Whether it’s heading on a hike, walking in the parking lot or on sidewalks.

That means face coverings for running, cycling, walking, rollerskating, skateboarding and really all activities that we do outdoors. With the exception of being in the water. We have to wear a face mask.

This is why a good ¬†choice of wearing a quality face mask will make breathing easier. Joggers and runners are complaining they can NOT breathe with the mask on when they’re working out. Especially neoprene made masks.

Although masks will never give you same ability from breathing normally from mouth. The kind of material and style will definitely enhance your enjoyment in the outdoors. I recommend 4 ply surgical facemasks. For joggers however they are disposable when you jog as you sweat etc. normally those surgical masks are quite useful for 15 hour shift. However when you sweats is is best you dispose of them immediately after your exercise. That may be a costly option for many. The washable Mask most of them are basically two ply T-shirts of various blends and materials and even the dies can cause allergic reactions as running invloves going up and down running may irritate the area of your skin when you’re wearing masks. Again it is important to wear masks that are at least hypoallergenic while jogging and many are not.

With this, it makes Los Angeles County one of the strictest states requiring face coverings. Whereas other areas such as San Diego or San Francisco you may go without them so long as you practice social distancing.

Although cloth face coverings may be a key component in combating this virus. Because they can help block diffusion of respiratory aerosol droplets carrying the disease.

These restrictions requiring face coverings whenever people leave the house will apply to everyone except small children these and those with certain disabilities. In some communities it may not change routines but the approach will still be strict.

I went to Koreatown recently and practically everyone is wearing masks. Don’t go to the market without a mask as people, people feel vulnerable now when you’re not wearing one.

Especially the cashiers.

Observing this it’s starting to become a commonplace wearing masks around the world. Over 80 countries with more coming are requiring face coverings in the public. But in the US confusion remains about what is the actual use and purpose of the face covering. Especially medical grade respirators like the N 95 mask providing maximum protection for the wearer. Whereas a face cloth covering is a different kind of protection which can never be used around the medical field area and maybe harmful to others as well.

What I’ve seen in Los Angeles is that a face covering could practically be anything from a homemade cloth mask to a bandanna. Whereas surgical masks and those demanded in the medical field as medical grade respirators are just in short supply. This is why most of the civilians are being pushed and using face coverings that don’t really comply for full disease control. This virus is highly contagious, eventually when supplies are there for quality masks everyone should wear a complaint mask.

At Malka Medical supply you can find all your needs for personal protective supplies. Medical quality for the civilian public in stock, ships out of California. Looking forward to take a stroll out along with equality great facemask. Let’s take care of ourselves and those around us.