Americans on the move way before stay-at-home rules were loosened

Seems like Americans were on the move way before stay-at-home orders were lifted. That’s based on cell phone location data.

American habits have shown since authorities begun to lift stay at home rules. Americans are coming into closer contact once again.

The states with the most movement and change has been Alabama, Florida and Georgia and at the end of the line would be Wyoming, Montana and Alaska with good social distancing behaviors.

Apparently the data measures the frequency at which two people come within 50 m from each other within 60 minutes or less. The data comes from US unicast and uses anonymized GPS location information with a deep personal data in the millions from gaining access to millions of US mobile devices with that they are able to estimate movement as small as County levels to as large as state levels.

At some point in time and it’s been a long time people are just tired staying at home and want to socialize.

With that, we may be complacent again with social distancing and other rules we should abide not to catch this virus.

In conclusion we need to be vigilant individually, take care of ourselves with proper hygiene. Proper protection wearing medical quality face mask, gloves etc.

Practicing these rules from the CDC will protect us for the time, until we see treatment or hopefully a vaccination for the virus soon.