Drugmaker Moderna providing a positive sign to protect people against Covid-19

Moderna apparently has positive results for a new vaccine against the Covid-19. 

Monday the drugmaker Moderna now stated its coronavirus vaccine induced an immune response in healthy volunteers that were vaccinated in the clinical study period. the vaccine shots were well tolerated and seemed safe.

Apparently the first for a vaccine against the new coronavirus to enter human testing. 

It is providing a positive sign to protect people against this virus. But let’s be cautious as the tests are preliminary and needs more testing phases. We have seen many vaccines fail, even after showing early signs of positivity in early stages of testing.

The drugmaker company states there is a potential in this vaccine prevents the disease caused by the virus.  Monday the shares went up above 20%.

The vaccine for emergency use could be applied as early as this fall. if it proves to work safely with more testing to be done. The US Food and Drug Administration will give the drugmaker permission to begin its second stage of testing. Apparently the vaccine is partnered with with the national Institute of allergy and infectious disease. They started the trial in March in Seattle and it’s expanding in other cities. Although the trial is small it aims to enroll over hundred people. They will receive various amounts of the shots in various degrees of the vaccine inside the shots.

The varying doses will go people from ages 18 to 55 years old. Apparently the vaccine is increasing immune response such as boosting certain antibodies to a level at or above those seen in blood samples from people who have recovered from the virus says the drugmaker.

There has been certain allergies but limited to the injection site such as redness. In some subjects, those receiving the highest levels of the dose had some kind of systematic symptoms.

This is where the company needs to adjust the dose levels as the study goes on. There should be a later stage trial to begin in July.

The drugmaker said the vaccine in mice showed it prevented replication in the animals of the virus in the lungs after they were exposed to a modified version of the virus.

Despite all this positivity, and the rapid progress the drugmaker is having. It will only be ready for emergency use until the fall and that may be the earliest. Then the issue of distribution and supplies in which countries will get it first will be another discussion that may politicize the vaccine.

However any news is good news today and it sounds like we’re on our way to a treatment or to get our immune system to resist this virus.