Airlines Require Face Masks and Fewer Direct flights

So many New rules where to begin.

Expect Airlines to take Thermal IR checks or Thermal scans that spots people with elevated temperatures. Face masks will now be obligatory. Traveling across the US and would include passengers on Europe’s biggest carriers. You may need to raise your hands before going to the bathroom.

Certain airlines like air france as they let passengers finally come back. They will find many perks disappear such as no more in-flight magazines, certain meal service will be cancelled on shorter routes. The duty-free cart might be a thing of the past until the virus subsides.

When the fight ends getting off your flight may take even longer than usual as airlines will try to control the flow of people and respectable  social distancing. Some airlines may choose the options small groups at a time, make them stand up turn by turn.

Apparently some the biggest challenges airlines invisions are the result of what may be years of lower demand. With the advent of videoconferencing, people like this option more and more. There may be fewer direct flights and more stopovers.

Even airlines are considering requiring passengers to sign health certifications or an immunity passport. Some kind of check/health pass.

In the past, especially low and carriers boosted revenues by putting as many seats as possible in the coach coming in shrinking seats in space between rows. This may change. All these fees brought in billions of dollars each year to these airlines. How will they monetize these new services, is yet to be seen.

With regard to corporate customers and those willing to pay for business seats for first-class cabins could be slow to return as long as the international travel restrictions are as stringent and remain in place as is.

Recently most or all airlines has suspended most fees. They may have a challenge reinstating them as people are still waiting and avoiding traveling long distances.

People say you make it a false sense of security people say you make it a false sense of security with temperature checks and obviously identifying people who are not symptomatic will pass through.

Carriers like KLM in the Netherlands is asking passengers from high-risk to fill out the health declaration detailing personal information. This would include most major airports in the United States.

Korean Airlines has been scanning for a while passengers for high temperature flying out of Seoul.

In the United States most carriers are asking are beginning to require passengers to wear a mask for the whole time in the flight. However this policy is not across all airlines and varies.

Even carriers are going further by promising to keep the middle seat open and preserve some sense of social distancing on their flight.

However flying empty international flights may not be feasible for most airlines most have to fly at full capacity to show profit. If social distancing musket be kept on the flight then obviously who’s going to bear the brunt of the cost. If the flight needs to be have full will passengers in that flight pay double? This is something we will need to see in the future and no one can say for sure now. But if you have to use facemask I suggest not using masks that are not at least medical grade. The circulation in an airplane is notoriously fouled. I would also question the use of the bathrooms during the flight. But having masks on and even perhaps wearing gloves during the fight will help. I would also suggest wearing safety glasses so the air does not blow directly in your eyes. There are cases where the virus enters from the eyes. With humidity low on an airplane I would highly suggest safety glasses with a quality medical mask. At Malka Medical supply and the beat Face Mask available for the civil market now.

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We are beginning to open up and socialize more please keep safe. Stay safe and peace to all.