Coronavirus infections rose in the U.S.

Coronavirus infections rose in the U.S. on Friday as states entered Memorial Day weekend, ending most of the Muslim world with fresh restrictions on the holy Ramadan month.

According to statistics from the Johns Hopkins University, the new virus has killed 96,000 people in the U.S., the highest national level worldwide. More than five million people worldwide are infected, the U.S. Data shows there are more than 1.6 million cases.

Memorial Day is traditionally celebrated with parades and outdoor activities. A number of incidents have been canceled as states take steps to discourage the people amid continued efforts to balance the relaxation of emergency measures.

In New York City, a man was found drowning at Queensborough Beach on Friday, despite police patrolling to enforce a ban on swimming and commands for social distance.

In California, Gavin Newsom advised residents to follow the rules to contain the virus while on vacation.

President Trump called on governors on Friday to reopen the country’s prayer centers as “essential services”, citing new security guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He said he would “replace” governors he disagreed with, though he did not specify how he would do it.

While some states already allow the reopening of houses of worship, others – such as Rhode Island – have not yet planned to do so.

Coronavirus cases in Montgomery, Ala., Are on the rise, rising 35% over the past week to more than 1,050; The hospitals say there is less running on intensive care beds. Alabama relaxed sanctions Friday to slow the spread of the virus, allowing recreational venues such as arcades, theaters and bowling areas to reopen.

The latest in coronavirus

Johns Hopkins: U.S. 96,000 corona virus-related deaths pass; Over 1.6 million infections

President Trump has called on governors to reopen the places of worship as “essential services.”

Nevada aims to reopen casinos on June 4

India reported a total of 124,000 infections and 3,726 deaths, Johns Hopkins data shows

In Louisiana, the disease has crossed 37,000 cases. More people in the state are on the unemployment list than Hurricane Katrina struck 15 years ago – 300,000 – and more than 2,560 people died.

North Carolina, which reopened Friday, is set to reopen Friday, recording the highest number of lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases, the state health department tweeted on Saturday afternoon. Phase 2 allows 10 people, or 25 people outdoors inside the home, and 50% capacity in restaurants, allowing meetings between other loose ends. “Phase 2 will change at least until Friday, June 26, unless it is changed or canceled,” the health department wrote, urging residents to follow the mask and distance guidelines.

Saturday, Arkansas Govt. As Hutchinson notes, the state has a “second peak” in the Covid-19 cases, the last one being 30 days later. “It is clear and clear to me that we have a peak, and then we have a deep dip, and then we have a second peak right now,” said Mr. Hutchinson, who said the second peak came after high-level tests in the state, and that many positive people were not very sick or required hospitalization. not. Hutchinson said more cases could be handled if the state needed hospital infrastructure. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said his state’s goal is to reopen casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere on June 4. New York announced that Long Island could reopen as early as Wednesday.

Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that the state’s daily death toll has fallen to 84.

The lowest daily count since March 24th. He issued executive orders Friday evening, which allowed meetings of up to 10 people in the state. As the pace of state reopening accelerates, shutdowns continue to put pressure on the American labor market. It seems so many  Cities and towns are taking the virus into thier own hands. Enforcment and complinace witl vary from place to place. WITH THAT I FEAR the virus may move up again in the USA. We should not be complaicent now. Wearing Face masks and keeping our hands cleans is important especially in closed areas. Elevators as such will alway be risky from touching buttons to a stranger coming in. At  Malka medical supply you find all your needs.ON sale now.

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