LA County show signs of improvement, Masks Mandatory

LA County show signs of improvement, Masks Mandatory

Public health authorities in Los Angeles County on Saturday announced 1,032 new cases of coronavirus deaths and 41 related deaths but also revealed encouraging signs of improvement in the transmission of the virus.

“Thanks to the efforts of everyone, our data points to a sharp decrease in hospitalizations, deaths and percentages of people being tested,” per Barbara Ferrer, the country’s director of health, said in a statement.

The city has seen a 13% decrease in its seven-day mortality rate and a 16% drop in the average of the most recent three-day hospitals, according to a Health Department dashboard that tracks recovery-related metrics. .

In addition, the percentage of people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19. LA County is up 8.5 percent compared to 28 percent in New York City.

His comments come after the White House’s director of accountability, Dr. Deborah Birx, identified Los Angeles as one of three areas in the city that has seen a high number of new cases daily, claiming to be a cause for concern.

LA County became the coronavirus epicenter:it may have been because of Slow closure, underlying illnesses, poverty among other community issues. LACK of medical face masks to the public sector.

Wearing a T-Shirt as a FACE mask is the wrong approach in quelling this Virus. Social distancing in dense cities is a challenge. Protect yourself and you from others, wearing a 4 ply disposable surgical mask is one the the best options out there. If you are older than 50 or have an underlying illness like Asthma, diabetes, blood pressure issues. I suggest KN95 FACE masks as the one of the safest options out today. For full protection wrap around wearing safety ANZI glasses will protect your eyes from dust and potential viral aerosol.

“The increase in the numbers is that they have increased the number of people they are testing, so this is a positive situation.

They are achieving the goal of testing 15,000 residents each day, with an average of 17,901 daily tests.

On Saturday, more than 436,000 people were surveyed and found these results.

“We test more people in each county and in L.A. County more than all in the state of California, Washington state, state of Georgia, United States.

That comes as several new test centers are being opened by state and city officials.