Having a sourcing/trading office in Asia since 2002, has given Malka Medical supply an advantage to seek the highest quality level available and compliance certification on every item sold in this site.

As An Executive in the Footwear Industry with a background of accomplishments in Product Design & Development, Licensing, Linebuilding, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Strategic Consulting and Merchandising, Trend & Business Forecasting, I felt it was a given to transition into the medically supply field. Believing civilians are being denied access to Medical grade Supplies for the public and putting people at potential risks as well as themselves. Bandannas or cloth/cotton masks do not work well, when humid may carry harmful residue and more. Along with several prominent doctors, who advise and approve our products individually. We strive to provide the public the highest quality compliant medical grade products to the public.

We thank you for your support.